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2014.12.19 A year-end party

The organizer of this party is...

Kitagawa-san!Thanks for planning.


Lunch @ soba-restaurant

A walk around Kawasaki-Taishi temple

Bowling game

Drinking party @ kaijuu-sakaba

Have a happy new year!!!


2014.09.06 RIKEN & YCU OPEN-DAY

RIKEN OPEN-DAY was held and our team was in charge of 3 events,"Moss festival","The secret of various colors in plant",and Labo facility tour".

You can learn about moss via poster displays and try your hand at scooping up various kinds of moss balls in "Moss festival".

You can do experiment paper chromatography in "The secret of various colors in plant". Grind a plant and extract a pigment and separate a color.Kids looks like small reseachers.

Thank you for coming.

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