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2012.12.21 Fujiko F Fujio Museum & End of the year party


Kojima-san planned events with labo members.Thanks!


We had French lunch,and went to Fujiko F Fujio Museum.


Then,We had a party on evening @Kawasaki.

2012.12.14 Reconstruction Director's room

Our labo's sitting room were reconstructed on weekend.

2012.10.23 Indigo plants are in full bloom

Indigo plants flower are so cute.

2012.10.22 Family BBQ

We had a baubecue party in Kodomono-kuni,the same as last year.

Cap'n Kiba cooked tasty hamburgeres!

Kids were fun with playing baloons, gathering nuts,and riding pony.

2012.09.29 RIKEN Yokohama Open Campus was held!

Our events were full by only 30 min from opening.

Some volunteer staffs in high school students helped us a lot.

Many kids and adults were coming to us. Did you enjoy?

2012.08.07 Preparation of Open Campus


Yokohama Riken Open Campus will be held on 29th Sep.

Our team take charge of "Dyeing with indigo plant leaves","Isolation of Vascular Bundles of Leaves",and"Make a little moss garden".

So,we grow indigo plants in greenhouse.

At this day,We tried Isolation of Vascular Bundles.

Boil leaves with alkali buffer,rinse with plenty water,remove mesophyll with brush,and laminate!

Photo Gallery

2012.07.26 We have new comers in greenhouse

What are these plants?

The detail is ....coming soon.

2012.04.10 Osugi Welcome Party

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